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We help families through the process of obtaining court authority to transfer probatable assets after a loved one has passed away.

The Probate Process


Under Illinois law, the opening of a probate case may not be necessary if your loved one had a living trust or assets valued at less than $100,000, for example. However, most estates are subject to probate and dependable legal guidance is often the key to preventing problems and delays in this stressful time.

  • Basically, probate is a legal process for collecting assets and distributing them to the rightful heirs, settling the debts of the decedent, and wrapping up other issues.
  • The Probate process would result in an executor being appointed by a court and Letters of Office issued.
  • You may need basic legal guidance to interpret a will and determine what other estate planning tools and documents are in place — whether or not you ultimately need probate representation.
  • Our Office will assess your situation, including offering a referral if you are facing a potentially contested matter.
  • We understand the complexity of family dynamics and we can offer solutions that often avoid contested matters.